Mike's Writings

Sweet Revenge 02/08/2005 (Anger)
Fragile 02/08/2005 (Families - Broken)
Undead Army -revised 02/08/2005 (Gothic)
Changes 01/10/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Undead Army 01/10/2005 (Gothic)
Scared Of The Dark? 01/04/2005 (Fear)
Real Love 01/04/2005 (Love)
Christmas Cheer? Hah.. 01/04/2005 (Disappointment)
All Alone 12/14/2004 (Dark Thoughts)
Another Face 12/14/2004 (Dark Thoughts)
Suicide 12/08/2004 (Suicidal Thoughts)
Reflections 12/08/2004 (Dark Thoughts)
Secrets 12/08/2004 (Dark Thoughts)
Depression 12/08/2004 (Depression)
Dear Mum 12/07/2004 (Heart Touching)
Night Stalker 12/06/2004 (Gothic)
The Real Me 12/03/2004 (Dark Thoughts)
Dead Inside 12/03/2004 (Depression)
Tug Of Death 12/03/2004 (Suicidal Thoughts)
Dead Thoughts 12/03/2004 (Cutting)
Morbid Fascination 11/26/2004 (Death)
Innocence 11/26/2004 (Dark Thoughts)
Forever 11/18/2004 (Dark Thoughts)
Why? 11/18/2004 (Dark Thoughts)
Stop! 11/08/2004 (Cutting)
Cold Killer 11/08/2004 (Dark Thoughts)
To Do 11/03/2004 (Feelings)
Expressions 11/03/2004 (Feelings)
Time 11/03/2004 (Loneliness)
A Cut Too Deep 11/03/2004 (Cutting)
Red Flood 11/03/2004 (Cutting)
Goodnight 11/02/2004 (Dark Thoughts)
Night Sky 11/02/2004 (Dark Thoughts)
Crimson Tears 11/02/2004 (Dark Thoughts)
Well Of Tears 10/27/2004 (Feelings)
Belonging 10/27/2004 (Feelings)

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