Shaz's Writings

What We Want We Cant Have 04/26/2005 (Disappointment)
Will You See Me Now? 04/26/2005 (Disappointment)
Just A Thought 04/02/2005 (Humorous)
Cabbage 03/29/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Explain 03/25/2005 (Crimes)
Little Girl 03/08/2005 (Abuse)
When I Am Old 03/06/2005 (Death - longing for)
Angered Imperfections 03/04/2005 (Anger)
More Tea? 02/28/2005 (Death)
Some Mothers Son 02/23/2005 (Abuse)
Secrets & Lies 02/17/2005 (Addictions)
Tell Me Lies 02/11/2005 (Betrayal)
My Lover 02/10/2005 (Love)
Strangled 02/06/2005 (Disappointment)
Just A Shower 02/03/2005 (Reflective)
Living Sober 02/03/2005 (Addictions)
Pretty Wrapping 01/30/2005 (Facing Reality)
Blame 01/24/2005 (Disappointment)
64 Days 01/24/2005 (Change)
Adventure 01/22/2005 (Humorous)
Broken 01/21/2005 (Humorous)
One Flew Over The Cuckoo Nest 01/18/2005 (Rage)
Weekly Meeting 01/16/2005 (Addictions)
Dear Therapist 01/14/2005 (Confusion)
Dark Hole 01/12/2005 (Confusion)
Gemini 01/10/2005 (Confusion)
Sleeping Child 01/09/2005 (Broken Relationships)

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