Shan's Writings

Life Is Now 02/20/2019 (Life Journeys)
Entirely Lost 02/19/2019 (Life Styles)
Broken 02/19/2019 (Emotions and Emotional)
Get Up 02/19/2019 (Inspirational and Strength)
Finish Line 12/27/2017 (Music or Lyrical)
Too Young 12/25/2017 (Friendship Lost)
Unfold 08/12/2017 (Feelings)
Four Seasons 03/27/2017 (Seasons)
Eyes Of Color 11/11/2016 (Missing Someone)
Everlasting 01/20/2016 (Missing Someone)
Half Full 02/28/2015 (Change)
Do Life 01/27/2015 (Feelings)
It's All About 12/28/2014 (Feelings)
Goodbye 12/06/2014 (Confusion)
All We Got 10/08/2014 (Choices)
Last Words 09/03/2014 (Broken Relationships)
Just This 08/17/2014 (Inspirational and Strength)
Never To End 08/14/2014 (Life Journeys)
My Attack 06/20/2014 (Feelings)
The Days Haiku 06/05/2014 (Nature)
The Will 05/20/2014 (Choices)
The Right 05/15/2014 (Choices)
Advise 04/25/2014 (Anger)
This One 04/09/2014 (Choices)
I Stand 04/02/2014 (Poetry - styles)
Three Years 04/01/2014 (Missing Someone)
The Proposal 03/31/2014 (Love)
All We Have 03/28/2014 (Love)
Indefinitely 03/19/2014 (Feelings)
Echo Music 03/19/2014 (Inspirational and Strength)
Fear 03/15/2014 (Fear)
We Are 03/10/2014 (Thoughts)
Wanderer 03/07/2014 (Life Lessons)
Cage Of Yesterday 03/04/2014 (Life Lessons)
Subconscious Mind 03/04/2014 (Thoughts)
The Voice 02/24/2014 (Thoughts)
Story 02/22/2014 (Change)
My Hat 02/21/2014 (Judgement)
Here 02/17/2014 (Emotions and Emotional)
Question In Me 02/11/2014 (Religious and Religion)
Found 02/09/2014 (Religious and Religion)
Much Of Me 02/02/2014 (Understanding)
The Grind 01/18/2014 (Love)
The End 11/08/2013 (Choices)
For You 10/23/2013 (Missing Someone)
Love Is This 09/22/2013 (Love)
Clips Of Time 01/23/2013 (Reflective)
Simplicity 01/15/2013 (Life Journeys)
Nan 11/10/2012 (Love)
The Fence 09/04/2012 (Forgiveness)
How I Feel 08/21/2012 (Memories)
Morning Blues 08/18/2012 (Time)
The Eyes Of Love 07/05/2012 (Death)
Miss You Might 07/04/2012 (Death)
If I Could 03/06/2012 (Missing Someone)
Follow Through 02/20/2012 (Healing)
The Rain 01/17/2012 (Seasons)
Where I Let Go 07/09/2011 (Depression)
When All 06/13/2011 (Depression)
Eternal Bliss 06/06/2011 (Missing Someone)

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