Shan's Writings

Last Of It All 08/29/2005 (Depression)
Made Of What You Say 08/13/2005 (Feelings)
Stay To See 07/14/2005 (Feelings)
From My Soul To My Eyes 05/15/2005 (Music or Lyrical)
Blame Is To Much To Take 04/03/2005 (Pain - emotional)
Gone, But Never Forgotten 03/27/2005 (Death - tribute)
Truth And Love 03/05/2005 (Love)
See Me In You 02/28/2005 (Emotions and Emotional)
A Note On The Door 02/27/2005 (Family)
A Dream To Make It 02/27/2005 (Dreams)
A Spoken Heart 02/22/2005 (Love - distance)
Untouched Soul 02/22/2005 (Feelings)
Love Me Anyway 02/21/2005 (Families - Broken)
Writing Daze 02/19/2005 (Life Styles)
Please Know 02/18/2005 (Understanding)
Killing Kind Of Time 02/18/2005 (Memories)
Shatter Guide 02/18/2005 (Emotional Collapse)
Every One Of You 09/28/2004 (Self Discovery)
Take Away The Brink 08/03/2004 (Addictions)
I'd Give Everything For One
07/08/2004 (Death)
Until I Die 05/01/2004 (Music or Lyrical)
Love Streams 04/10/2004 (Family)
Sketch Book Memory 02/21/2004 (Lost Memories)
Twice Everyday 02/08/2004 (Love)
Street Violence 02/02/2004 (Life Styles)
Unstopable 02/01/2004 (Uncategorised)
It's Time This Time 01/30/2004 (Change)
With You 01/28/2004 (Friends)
It's Me, My Stranger 01/25/2004 (Uncategorised)
I Plead To Be Me 01/22/2004 (Life Lessons)
I Become One With The Storm 01/18/2004 (Uncategorised)
A Cry To The Sky 01/18/2004 (Searching For Answers)
Rain Shower 01/17/2004 (Uncategorised)
How Much Of Me Is You? 01/14/2004 (Uncategorised)
Love You Sweetie 01/09/2004 (Love)
Candle Of Love 01/07/2004 (Uncategorised)
The Scale Inside 01/06/2004 (Uncategorised)
Loving You Always 01/06/2004 (Loss)
It's A Dream, It Will Happen 01/04/2004 (Dreams)
Precious Angel 01/01/2004 (Family)
Word Scramble 12/27/2003 (Poetry and Poets)
Become Unscattered 12/25/2003 (Uncategorised)
I'm Your Strength 12/07/2003 (Uncategorised)
Thanks 11/27/2003 (Uncategorised)
Traveled Road 11/27/2003 (Uncategorised)
Minds Door 11/26/2003 (Uncategorised)
Save Me 11/25/2003 (Uncategorised)
24 Pills And A Night I'll
Never Forget
11/23/2003 (Suicidal Thoughts)
Do You Have The Answers? 11/15/2003 (Uncategorised)
Light Of Darkness 11/15/2003 (Uncategorised)
Miss You So Much 11/10/2003 (Uncategorised)
Unsteady 11/08/2003 (Poetry and Poets)
Dreams 11/08/2003 (Uncategorised)
I Let You Shine 11/02/2003 (Uncategorised)
Tight Grip 10/26/2003 (Uncategorised)
Make It On My Own 10/17/2003 (Uncategorised)
Where She Wanted To Be 10/01/2003 (Uncategorised)
Writing Heals 09/25/2003 (Poetry and Poets)
One Kids Story 09/23/2003 (Families - Broken)
I Will Be Alright 09/19/2003 (Uncategorised)

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