Shan's Writings

What It Takes 06/06/2011 (Dreams)
Dream Dance 05/27/2011 (Missing Someone)
See What We Heard 04/17/2011 (Family)
Eclipse 12/21/2010 (Love)
Forever May Never Be True 10/26/2010 (Heartbreak)
Untitled Change 01/19/2010 (Change)
Nothing 07/28/2008 (Feelings)
Dream Anything 01/14/2008 (Dreams)
Home Sweet Home 01/10/2008 (Poetry and Poets)
A World Unsolved 12/18/2007 (Statements)
The Beast 12/17/2007 (Confusion)
Our Father Christmas 12/06/2007 (Holidays)
Inspired By You 12/05/2007 (Inspirational and Strength)
A Choice For A Reason 12/04/2007 (Choices)
A Love As Lace 12/02/2007 (Music or Lyrical)
To Lacey, With Love 11/19/2007 (Love)
To Aunty Wendy 10/31/2007 (Love)
From My Heart - No Longer 10/29/2007 (Anger)
Our Love 04/17/2007 (Love)
For You And Yours 03/14/2007 (Broken Relationships)
Harboring In 03/12/2007 (Pain - emotional)
Simply Accompanied 02/26/2007 (Thoughts)
One Word 02/19/2007 (Love)
Some Time To Long 02/16/2007 (Broken Relationships)
Leaving 02/14/2007 (Breaking Up)
Bite Me 02/12/2007 (Poetry - styles)
When You Try 02/12/2007 (Life Journeys)
The Gift To Give 02/12/2007 (Feelings)
Hole Remains 02/11/2007 (Confusion)
Not Enough, Wake Me Up 02/11/2007 (Missing Someone)
With You 02/08/2007 (Romantic - Romance)
Just So Right 02/08/2007 (Relationships)
What I Make Of Me 02/07/2007 (Self Searching)
Easily Amused 02/06/2007 (Humorous)
Reminder For Me 02/06/2007 (Memories)
To Get Through 02/04/2007 (Change)
To Get Through 02/04/2007 (Change)
Speaking To Memory 02/01/2007 (Confusion)
Leave Others Be 01/31/2007 (Anger)
Love Prevails 01/28/2007 (Addictions)
Oh Man, Do I Hate Me 01/26/2007 (Confusion)
From Me To Boston 01/25/2007 (Humorous)
Soul To Eyes- Remix 01/20/2007 (Music or Lyrical)
What It's All About 01/19/2007 (Emotions and Emotional)
I'm Sure 01/13/2007 (Time)
Forever Again 01/08/2007 (Friendship)
What Did You Do 01/03/2007 (Holidays)
You Dare 11/11/2006 (Breaking Up)
Miss Me Much? 09/15/2006 (Music or Lyrical)
More To Me 09/12/2006 (Friendship Lost)
Your Junk 07/28/2006 (Drugs and Alcohol)
Fading Time 07/18/2006 (Time)
Hard To Say 04/04/2006 (Heart Touching)
Stay To See 03/21/2006 (Love - distance)
Gone, But Never Forgotten 2 12/21/2005 (Healing)
Made Of What You Say Part 2 12/13/2005 (Feelings)
Coming To Town 12/02/2005 (Friends)
Does It Mean A Thing? 11/04/2005 (Feelings)
Dream Flow 09/25/2005 (Dreams)
Emotionally Woken 09/08/2005 (Emotional Collapse)

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