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She Sleeps, At Night 02/28/2005 (Love)
I Had A Dream, This Cloud
Poured, Rain Upon, My Heart
02/28/2005 (Love)
Mother Earth's Perfume 02/25/2005 (Spiritual)
Skipping Across, The Universe,
Just, You And Me
02/22/2005 (Love)
Who, Will Care For Two Hearts 02/17/2005 (Short Stories - poetic)
I Feel, The Sunís Rays 02/15/2005 (Spiritual)
Who, Am I 02/14/2005 (Self Portraits)
Dipsey, Dumpster, Mom 02/10/2005 (Animals)
On A Quiet, Summer Day 02/10/2005 (Love)
A Heart, Thrown Deep, Into,
The Burning Sun
02/09/2005 (Love)
Naked, I Feel The Mist, Of
02/09/2005 (Spiritual)
She Asked Me If, I Loved Her 02/08/2005 (Holidays)
Dinner, With You 02/02/2005 (Romantic - Romance)
Walking, In The Rain 02/01/2005 (Spiritual)
Spoke To A Stranger, Today, At
The Shopping Mall
01/31/2005 (Miscellaneous)
Keep The Sun, Over Your,
01/31/2005 (Inspirational and Strength)
Remember That Song, Wasted
Away, In Margaritaville?
01/28/2005 (Humorous)
She Is, The Best Of Me 01/27/2005 (Love)
She, Bought Her, Own Ring 01/26/2005 (Life Lessons)
Freedomís Room 01/25/2005 (Inspirational and Strength)
Once, The Passion Flows,
Where, Does The Love Go?
01/24/2005 (Love)
Love Song 01/21/2005 (Love)
When, We Are, A Lone 01/19/2005 (Love lost or ending)
Place Your Hand And Heart,
Into The Storm
01/17/2005 (Faith)
What, Did God, Say 01/15/2005 (Faith)
Breakfast, In The Morning 01/12/2005 (Love)
My Tears, Are Gone, From, My
01/08/2005 (Faith)
My Tears, Are Gone, From, My
01/07/2005 (Thoughts)
Sometimes, A Heart, Will
Blink, Just, Like Our Eyes
01/02/2005 (Thoughts)
Everyday, I Walk A Thin Line 12/27/2004 (Love)
A Heart Filled With Gold 12/22/2004 (Love)
What, Do You Believe, About
12/18/2004 (Love)
As, Iím Walking, Toward Those
Pearly Gates
12/16/2004 (Love)
To Be A Butterfly 11/15/2004 (Death)
Can You, Feel, The Rain 10/28/2004 (Memories)
This Lonely, Room 10/24/2004 (Inspirational and Strength)
Just, Loving, You 10/23/2004 (Reminiscing)
Every Night, I Take A Step,
Toward The Sunlight
10/15/2004 (Love)
Thank You, Friend 10/11/2004 (Thankfulness)
In Search Of Gold 10/08/2004 (Life Lessons)
And The Rain, Came Pouring
10/07/2004 (Heartbreak)
My Forest Dream 10/06/2004 (Self Discovery)
Someone Else, Will Cry Tonight 10/04/2004 (Loneliness)
A Lonely, Cup Of Coffee 10/02/2004 (Life Journeys)
My Life, Is, But A Gift 08/29/2004 (Spiritual)
Sometimes, The World, Just
Spins Away
08/28/2004 (Life Journeys)
This, Is The Best, I Can Do 08/20/2004 (Love)
Two Angels, Wrote A Poem &
Sang A Song
08/15/2004 (Love)
Thought, I Heard, It Raining 08/15/2004 (Love)
Warm Light 08/15/2004 (Love)
The Voice, Of Silence 08/10/2004 (Uncategorised)
Pink, Teddy Bear 08/08/2004 (Inspirational and Strength)
I Reached Up, Into The Sky 07/31/2004 (Faith)
This, Is What I Say 07/30/2004 (Love)
What Does, Life, Feel Like? 07/28/2004 (Life Journeys)
I Think, I Saw You 07/27/2004 (Nature)
The Orchestra That Plays,
Only, For The Heart
07/26/2004 (Love)
I Do 07/26/2004 (Love)
Where Is, My, Mom And Dad? 07/22/2004 (Life Lessons)
I Love This Silly, Girl 07/19/2004 (Love - passionate)

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