ShyHeart's Writings

My Old Banjo 08/14/2003 (Things)
Country Bars & A Singerís
08/08/2003 (Music or Lyrical)
Lonely Heart 08/05/2003 (Loneliness)
The Last Song 08/05/2003 (Music or Lyrical)
Birds Of Prey 08/03/2003 (Nature)
The Morning Dove 07/29/2003 (Poetry and Poets)
Canít Tell You A Thing About
07/23/2003 (Love)
Lerielle, A Mother's Poem 07/17/2003 (Parents and Parenting)
I Wonder If You See My Face 06/14/2003 (Love - forbidden)
Passion 06/07/2003 (Music or Lyrical)
She Left Him Love 06/03/2003 (Family)
Catching Moon Beams, For You 04/07/2003 (Love)
Listen For The Click 04/05/2003 (Humorous)
Lover's Island 04/04/2003 (Love)
How The Hell, Did You Get In 03/31/2003 (Anger)
Little Flower, On My Car
03/29/2003 (Short Stories - poetic)
Poems Donít Have To Rhyme 03/26/2003 (Poetry and Poets)
Freedom's Warrior 03/24/2003 (Military and War - by vets)
Bound To A Cloud 03/20/2003 (Military and War - by vets)
A Sacred Place 03/20/2003 (Spiritual)
In Search Of Paradise 03/14/2003 (Understanding)
Have A Great Day 03/13/2003 (Happiness)
Tiny Little Tears 03/07/2003 (Family)
The Writing Upon The Midnight
03/03/2003 (Love)
Happy Birthday, Seizure 02/21/2003 (Tributes)
Moonlight Message 02/20/2003 (Short Creative Writings)
Paper, Has Talking Eyes 02/19/2003 (Things)
Verbal Intercourse 02/19/2003 (Breaking Up)
Long, Lonely Road 02/16/2003 (Short Creative Writings)
The Reunion 02/12/2003 (Memories)
A Warning To My Words 02/07/2003 (Friends)
Meet A Friend Of Mine 02/06/2003 (Friends)
Loveís Tender Side Of Passion 02/05/2003 (Love)
Courage Of The Poet's Pen 02/04/2003 (Short Creative Writings)
The Wilderness Of Life 02/03/2003 (Short Creative Writings)
The Spider's Web 02/02/2003 (Life Lessons)
Even As She Sleeps 02/02/2003 (Love)
Memories And Cloudless Days 02/02/2003 (Life Journeys)
To My Friends 02/01/2003 (Friends)
The Demon 01/28/2003 (Facing Reality)
There Is A Place 01/28/2003 (Inspirational and Strength)
The Poet 01/12/2003 (Poetry and Poets)
The Sound Of Silence 01/12/2003 (Depression)
The Freedom Of Words 01/12/2003 (Inspirational and Strength)
Message In A Bottle 01/11/2003 (Inspirational and Strength)
One Man 01/11/2003 (People)
Well Written Words 01/10/2003 (Poetry and Poets)

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