Megan's Writings

You Can't Be Lost When You
Were Never Found
10/19/2010 (Life Lessons)
Holding On 01/17/2008 (Drugs and Alcohol)
Sleep Forever 07/04/2007 (Death)
Step Back And Deal 06/23/2006 (Facing Reality)
Lit Up 06/15/2006 (Drugs and Alcohol)
The Storm Comforts Me 06/05/2006 (Nature)
Bitter Baby Blue Pills 03/17/2006 (Drugs and Alcohol)
A World That's Turned It's
Back On Me
03/05/2006 (Suicidal Thoughts)
The Haunting White Ghost 02/19/2006 (Drugs and Alcohol)
Reality 09/11/2005 (Drugs and Alcohol)
Some Things Are Impossible To
Get Over
08/05/2005 (Hurt)
Holding On 07/31/2005 (Depression)
Stability Please 05/15/2005 (Change)
Just To Feel Alive 02/20/2005 (Drugs and Alcohol)
The Memories Are All We Have
02/12/2005 (Love lost or ending)
All That I Need 02/08/2005 (Feelings)
Empty 01/26/2005 (Life Styles)
Time Holds A Secret 01/06/2005 (Searching For Answers)
Shattered 12/30/2004 (Facing Reality)
Just When ... 12/23/2004 (Faith)
Love Is A Killer 12/23/2004 (Broken Relationships)
It Takes 12/18/2004 (Broken Relationships)
Verbal Attack 12/11/2004 (Pain - emotional)
It's Not Okay Not At All 12/09/2004 (Emotional Collapse)
Life Is Not Fair 12/07/2004 (Facing Reality)
I'm Not Sorry 11/28/2004 (Feelings)
I Smile 11/07/2004 (Depression)
I Deserve This 09/16/2004 (Regret)
If I Were You , I'd Hate Me
09/12/2004 (Facing Reality)
I'll Never Stop 09/02/2004 (Cutting)
Sometimes I Wanna Die 09/01/2004 (Pain - emotional)
Usually Found In Politics 08/31/2004 (Broken Relationships)
Under The Influence Is Scary 08/31/2004 (Drugs and Alcohol)
Death 02/18/2004 (Emotional Collapse)
The Window Of Death 01/15/2004 (Thoughts)
Repeating 01/01/2004 (Confusion)
Guilty Intentions 11/17/2003 (Betrayal)
Bad Day 11/03/2003 (Reflective)
I'm Not Your Fool 10/21/2003 (Breaking Up)
Depth Of A Fall Night 10/16/2003 (Relationships)
Love And Rejection 10/14/2003 (Broken Relationships)
Venting Depression 09/01/2003 (Hurt)
Forgive Me After This Suicide 08/25/2003 (Forgiveness)
I Won't Let This Happen Again
08/23/2003 (Change)
Reflection 08/04/2003 (Facing Reality)
Why Are You Going To Break My
08/01/2003 (Breaking Up)

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