Pondering Red's Writings

Sunlight On Frosted Glass 12/31/2008 (Reflective)
Autumn Folding 12/11/2008 (Pondering)
Fairytales And Sidewalks 12/11/2008 (Disappointment)
Blue Snow Flakes 12/11/2008 (Pondering)
Burning Summer 11/09/2008 (Searching For Answers)
Faces Of Downtown 11/09/2008 (Reflective)
Om Shanti Etc 11/09/2008 (Thoughts)
Curly Clouds 08/28/2008 (Healing)
Downtown Masks 08/16/2008 (Searching For Answers)
The Red Chair 06/08/2008 (Seasons)
Spring Time Lapse 06/08/2008 (Time)
In The Company Of Clouds 06/08/2008 (Loneliness)
Disappearing Snow 02/04/2008 (Broken Relationships)
Disposable Pictures 02/04/2008 (Broken Relationships)
Snowy Night 01/16/2008 (Disappointment)
A Little Smile 01/01/2008 (Holidays)
Sky Of Contrasts 12/12/2007 (Reflective)
Stripes Of Sunset 12/12/2007 (Nature)
The World Between Seasons 11/05/2007 (Seasons)
Late Summer Thoughts 10/22/2007 (Reflective)
Shadow Forms 08/12/2007 (Reflective)
Blowing Hair 08/09/2007 (Searching For Answers)
Shades Of Last Summer 08/09/2007 (Lost Memories)
Hear The Silence 07/24/2007 (Searching For Answers)
Distortions 07/08/2007 (Lost Memories)
Something Missing 06/30/2007 (Searching For Answers)
Tangerine Walls 06/29/2007 (Moving On)
Summer Clouds 06/28/2007 (Seasons)
Welcome Summer 06/21/2007 (Seasons)
Painting Over Your Vibes 06/20/2007 (Moving On)
Slower Thinking 06/20/2007 (Healing)
Illusion Of Mist 05/30/2007 (Love lost or ending)
Broken Glass 04/29/2007 (Love lost or ending)
Through The Forest 04/25/2007 (Love lost or ending)
Green Door 03/24/2007 (Understanding)
Where Is My Sanctuary 03/20/2007 (Healing)
Perspective Of Deception 03/17/2007 (Betrayal)
The House On Lincoln Street 02/14/2007 (Reminiscing)
Finding Colours 02/13/2007 (Searching For Answers)
Underestimated Area 02/13/2007 (Reflective)
Long Shadows 02/04/2007 (Time)
Shadow Of February 02/04/2007 (Loneliness)
Mandala Of Ice 01/28/2007 (Facing Reality)
Searching For My Fear - 2 01/27/2007 (Lost Memories)
Searching For The Fear 01/27/2007 (Fear)
Spider On The Window 01/17/2007 (Breaking Up)
All Day Nightfall 01/12/2007 (Healing)
Melting Ice 01/11/2007 (Change)
River Of Hope 12/31/2006 (Healing)
Velvet Sky Of Peace 12/24/2006 (Thankfulness)
Cement House 11/20/2006 (Broken Relationships)
Searching For Clarity 11/20/2006 (Broken Relationships)
Peace And Rage 11/06/2006 (Rage)
Escape The Terror 11/02/2006 (Stress and Anxiety)
The Travels Of The Leaf 10/08/2006 (Nature)
Blending In 09/14/2006 (Loneliness)
Late Summers Trance 09/10/2006 (Thankfulness)
Are You Cold Blooded ? 08/02/2006 (Facing Reality)
What Happened To Forever
Summer ?
06/25/2006 (Lost Memories)
The Never Ending Rains 05/22/2006 (Moving On)

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