Pondering Red's Writings

Mountain Mist Man 01/29/2021 (Questioning)
Old Houses And Snowstorms 01/29/2021 (Lost Memories)
Shades And Shadows Of Purple 12/31/2020 (Dreaming)
Scratched Record 09/07/2020 (Reflective)
Broken Beads 09/07/2020 (Reflective)
Are You Being Here Now ? 09/07/2020 (Questioning)
I Remember The Textures 12/29/2019 (Memories)
Before I - I Am 12/30/2018 (Reflective)
To My Anxious Self - Be Calm 12/30/2018 (Life Lessons)
The Grandmothers Know 12/31/2017 (Pondering)
The Elusive Fragrance 03/18/2017 (Memories)
Be Still In Different
03/18/2017 (Healing)
Time Slides And Twists 03/18/2017 (Lost Memories)
A Snow Petal 12/31/2016 (Reflective)
Broken Beads - More Freedom 05/22/2016 (Memories)
From Pretty Snow To Slush - Be
Mindful Or Film
05/22/2016 (Pondering)
Another Day - Another Doodle 05/21/2016 (Pondering)
Be Happiness 12/31/2015 (Healing)
A Surreal Reality 11/27/2015 (Thoughts)
And So It Is... 10/28/2015 (Pondering)
Time Slides 10/28/2015 (Time)
Balance Restored 12/31/2014 (Reflective)
Smile For Awhile 12/31/2013 (Reflective)
Unbalanced Year 01/01/2013 (Thoughts)
Sketches Of My Seasons 12/31/2011 (Thoughts)
For Moon Watcher 10/22/2011 (Dreaming)
Upon Meeting, What Beverage
Would I Drink, You Asked ?
09/25/2011 (Love - waiting for)
Moon Watcher 2 - 09/25/2011 (Feelings)
Moon Watcher 09/18/2011 (Feelings)
He Makes Me Smile - He Has To
08/08/2011 (Facing Reality)
Amidst The Silence... 08/08/2011 (Reflective)
24 Hours Before The New Year 12/31/2010 (Holidays)
Poetry In The Air 10/12/2010 (Pondering)
Frizz My Hair 10/06/2010 (Questioning)
Push You Under My Summer 10/06/2010 (Sadness)
Time Will Tell 10/06/2010 (Time)
Beauty On Bricks 10/06/2010 (Self Searching)
I Am, We Are 07/06/2010 (Self Discovery)
Circle Of Tears 07/06/2010 (Lost Memories)
Ephemeral Moments 06/24/2010 (Seasons)
Smoky Eyes 01/17/2010 (Infatuation)
Snow Dust In The Wind 01/17/2010 (Death - tribute)
Timelessness 01/13/2010 (Pondering)
Cold Winds And You 01/10/2010 (Nature)
Ghosts Of Januarys Past 01/04/2010 (Lost Memories)
Just Before New Years 01/01/2010 (Healing)
Cosmic Wanderings 12/31/2009 (Questioning)
Ineffable Moments 06/23/2009 (Self Searching)
Pink Blossoms 05/13/2009 (Seasons)
Icy Path 03/06/2009 (Love lost or ending)
Dragon And Snake 03/05/2009 (Anger)
January Journey 02/03/2009 (Reflective)
Matter Of Fact 01/10/2009 (Love lost or ending)
One Small Nail 01/08/2009 (Love lost or ending)
Ode To The Blue Nighttime Sky 01/07/2009 (Love)
Anxiety Blues 01/06/2009 (Stress and Anxiety)
Abandoned Spaces 01/05/2009 (Thoughts)
Snowy Sketch 01/04/2009 (Thoughts)
White Tango 01/03/2009 (Reflective)
Diamonds Dancing 01/01/2009 (Pondering)
Sunlight On Frosted Glass 12/31/2008 (Reflective)
Autumn Folding 12/11/2008 (Pondering)
Fairytales And Sidewalks 12/11/2008 (Disappointment)
Blue Snow Flakes 12/11/2008 (Pondering)
Burning Summer 11/09/2008 (Searching For Answers)
Faces Of Downtown 11/09/2008 (Reflective)
Om Shanti Etc 11/09/2008 (Thoughts)
Curly Clouds 08/28/2008 (Healing)
Downtown Masks 08/16/2008 (Searching For Answers)
The Red Chair 06/08/2008 (Seasons)
Spring Time Lapse 06/08/2008 (Time)
In The Company Of Clouds 06/08/2008 (Loneliness)
Disappearing Snow 02/04/2008 (Broken Relationships)
Disposable Pictures 02/04/2008 (Broken Relationships)
Snowy Night 01/16/2008 (Disappointment)
A Little Smile 01/01/2008 (Holidays)
Sky Of Contrasts 12/12/2007 (Reflective)
Stripes Of Sunset 12/12/2007 (Nature)
The World Between Seasons 11/05/2007 (Seasons)
Late Summer Thoughts 10/22/2007 (Reflective)
Shadow Forms 08/12/2007 (Reflective)
Blowing Hair 08/09/2007 (Searching For Answers)
Shades Of Last Summer 08/09/2007 (Lost Memories)
Hear The Silence 07/24/2007 (Searching For Answers)
Distortions 07/08/2007 (Lost Memories)
Something Missing 06/30/2007 (Searching For Answers)
Tangerine Walls 06/29/2007 (Moving On)
Summer Clouds 06/28/2007 (Seasons)
Welcome Summer 06/21/2007 (Seasons)
Painting Over Your Vibes 06/20/2007 (Moving On)
Slower Thinking 06/20/2007 (Healing)
Illusion Of Mist 05/30/2007 (Love lost or ending)
Broken Glass 04/29/2007 (Love lost or ending)
Through The Forest 04/25/2007 (Love lost or ending)
Green Door 03/24/2007 (Understanding)
Where Is My Sanctuary 03/20/2007 (Healing)
Perspective Of Deception 03/17/2007 (Betrayal)
The House On Lincoln Street 02/14/2007 (Reminiscing)
Finding Colours 02/13/2007 (Searching For Answers)
Underestimated Area 02/13/2007 (Reflective)
Long Shadows 02/04/2007 (Time)
Shadow Of February 02/04/2007 (Loneliness)
Mandala Of Ice 01/28/2007 (Facing Reality)
Searching For My Fear - 2 01/27/2007 (Lost Memories)
Searching For The Fear 01/27/2007 (Fear)
Spider On The Window 01/17/2007 (Breaking Up)
All Day Nightfall 01/12/2007 (Healing)
Melting Ice 01/11/2007 (Change)
River Of Hope 12/31/2006 (Healing)
Velvet Sky Of Peace 12/24/2006 (Thankfulness)
Cement House 11/20/2006 (Broken Relationships)
Searching For Clarity 11/20/2006 (Broken Relationships)
Peace And Rage 11/06/2006 (Rage)
Escape The Terror 11/02/2006 (Stress and Anxiety)
The Travels Of The Leaf 10/08/2006 (Nature)
Blending In 09/14/2006 (Loneliness)
Late Summers Trance 09/10/2006 (Thankfulness)
Are You Cold Blooded ? 08/02/2006 (Facing Reality)
What Happened To Forever
Summer ?
06/25/2006 (Lost Memories)
The Never Ending Rains 05/22/2006 (Moving On)
Raging Volcano 05/15/2006 (Rage)
An Every Day Vibrancy 05/08/2006 (Broken Relationships)
Dance Little Latvian Girl 04/24/2006 (Healing)
Alone In Cabot Square 04/07/2006 (Rage)
Blue Light Reflections 03/26/2006 (Self Discovery)
Lavender Mist 01/01/2006 (Thankfulness)
New Years Peace 12/28/2005 (Reflective)
Beyond The Beauty 12/13/2005 (Life Journeys)
Marija 12/04/2005 (Love)
Your Words Travel 11/23/2005 (Pondering)
Blue Star 11/12/2005 (Pondering)
Middle Space 11/12/2005 (Reflective)
Silver Snake 11/12/2005 (Love lost or ending)
The Bathroom Floor 11/12/2005 (Change)
The Sweet Fall 10/26/2005 (Betrayal)
A Moving Day 09/30/2005 (Moving On)
Echoe Of The Key Turning 09/28/2005 (Memories)
What Lies Ahead 08/20/2005 (Questioning)
A Thousand Songs For Her 08/13/2005 (Betrayal)
Water Dragon 08/08/2005 (Seasons)
Jungle Mirage 08/07/2005 (Reminiscing)
Blue Song 08/06/2005 (Memories)
A Reel Of A Rolling Ride 08/04/2005 (Reflective)
Apartment To Sublet For The
07/30/2005 (Thoughts)
Frida 07/30/2005 (People)
The Quietude Of You 07/30/2005 (Memories)
Mantra On Fire 07/29/2005 (Seasons)
Squirrel On A Hot Tin Roof 07/15/2005 (Seasons)
Forever Summer 06/22/2005 (Nature)
The Blue Bowl 06/14/2005 (Self Searching)
Meditation On A Summer Salad 06/12/2005 (Self Discovery)
Escape From The Haze 06/10/2005 (Reflective)
A Spray Of Constant Change 05/22/2005 (Thoughts)
Scared Of Her Silence 05/18/2005 (Reflective)
Dusty Day 04/17/2005 (Moving On)
Slow Down 04/17/2005 (Time)
Induced Defiance 03/14/2005 (Facing Reality)
Lost In Your Mandala 03/14/2005 (Choices)
Silver Zone 2 01/24/2005 (Reflective)
Silver Zone 01/24/2005 (Pondering)
On The Bus Again 01/24/2005 (Thoughts)
No Expression 12/09/2004 (Love - questioning)
Walk On Ice 12/09/2004 (Relationships)
Early Darkness 10/18/2004 (Reflective)
Ananda Weather 10/10/2004 (Seasons)
A Little Monarch 10/10/2004 (Nature)
Summer-fall-you And I 10/10/2004 (Seasons)
The Lock Of The Door To The
08/01/2004 (Life Journeys)
The Kitsch Of It All 08/01/2004 (Things)
Be My Shaman 07/26/2004 (Searching For Answers)
Next Stop 07/26/2004 (Relationships)
Riding The Line 07/26/2004 (Love - distance)
A Spot Of Summer 07/18/2004 (Thoughts)
Just Can't Get That Zen
07/18/2004 (Reflective)
Summer Dances 07/12/2004 (Happiness)
Rhythm Of A Summer Sunday 07/12/2004 (Self Discovery)
It Is As It Is 07/04/2004 (Relationships)
The Energy Of It All 07/04/2004 (Pondering)
Her Spirit Soars 07/04/2004 (Death - tribute)
Uneven Wind 06/21/2004 (Self Discovery)
As I Sit In Midsummer 06/21/2004 (Self Discovery)
It Is All The Same 06/21/2004 (Self Discovery)
Way Back Then 10/21/2003 (Nature)
Shadow Self 10/21/2003 (Nature)
I Want To Dance With You 10/21/2003 (Feelings)
The Wind 09/21/2003 (Nature)
A Wisp Of Contentment 07/31/2003 (Nature)
Pale Blue Summer 07/15/2003 (Loss)
Haiku Pale Blue Summer 07/06/2003 (Death - tribute)
The Light Of Tao 05/15/2003 (Regret)
I'm Ready 05/15/2003 (Moving On)
Early Morning 04/29/2003 (Life Journeys)
Deep Blue Space 03/31/2003 (Love)
Suns Set 03/29/2003 (Broken Relationships)
The Full Moon 03/28/2003 (Love)
I Miss This 03/28/2003 (Life Styles)
Richard 03/13/2003 (People)
A Raging Storm 03/13/2003 (Loneliness)
The Way It Is 01/16/2003 (Facing Reality)
To Resist Your Pull 01/15/2003 (Reflective)
Just The Way It Is 12/03/2002 (Love)
A Walk In The Snow 12/03/2002 (Life Journeys)
Stephanie 12/03/2002 (People)
A Smile On The Lake 11/24/2002 (Nature)
She Was A Hippy Girl 11/18/2002 (People)
Outside My Windows 11/18/2002 (Places)
Haiku Afternoon 11/18/2002 (Thoughts)
The Quest For Now 11/06/2002 (Pondering)
Heart Break Routine 11/06/2002 (Thoughts)
You May Exit My Adventure 11/01/2002 (Broken Relationships)
Another Fall 10/22/2002 (Seasons)
She Rides Through The Canvas 10/18/2002 (People)
Collision Of Heart And Mind 10/09/2002 (Emotions and Emotional)
Reflections Of Dragon And
10/01/2002 (Inspirational and Strength)
Be Still 10/01/2002 (Life Journeys)
Blanket Of Darkness 10/01/2002 (Hurt)
Baba Yiggy 10/01/2002 (Reflective)
This Blue Night 09/22/2002 (Pondering)
Wrapped Around Love 09/01/2002 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Feathers From My Roof 04/13/2002 (Life Journeys)
Red Sands Of Time 03/13/2002 (Pondering)
She Dances With The Moon 02/19/2002 (People)
I Sit In Time 02/19/2002 (Time)
Funny 02/19/2002 (Life Journeys)
Untitled 10/21/2001 (Life Lessons)
Panic And Pills 10/09/2001 (Illness and Health)
Cookies And Beer 09/09/2001 (Relationships)
Two Summers Ago 01/27/2001 (Life Journeys)
The Words Will Come 01/17/2001 (Poetry and Poets)
Wrap Around Me 01/17/2001 (Relationships)
The Tao Of The New Year 12/26/2000 (Life Lessons)
Cinnamon Taffy Days 12/04/2000 (Things)
It Is The Season 11/25/2000 (Holidays)
A Swirl Of Orange 11/20/2000 (Places)
The Alley 11/18/2000 (Life Journeys)
You Keep Hanging On 11/12/2000 (Relationships)
Latvia Weeps 11/06/2000 (Places)
You Have Moved Me 11/03/2000 (People)
Reflections In The Courtyard 11/01/2000 (Thoughts)
Dance Me To The Edge 10/26/2000 (Thoughts)
Popcorn Clouds 10/20/2000 (Nature)
Soothing Sundays 10/12/2000 (Love)
Rooftop Refuge 10/06/2000 (Searching For Answers)
I Look For A Sign 10/04/2000 (Searching For Answers)
This Is Where We Meet 09/20/2000 (Life Journeys)
A Thousand Miles Away 08/31/2000 (Relationships)
Ten Happy Tears 08/25/2000 (Life Journeys)
I Loved You Before We Met 08/09/2000 (Relationships)
Dance With Me Brother 08/07/2000 (Life Journeys)
The Perfect Day 07/18/2000 (Life Journeys)
Dusk Meets Dawn 06/17/2000 (Nature)

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