Brett's Writings

Forgotten Thoughts 09/11/2011 (Confusion)
What Needs To Be Said.. 08/25/2009 (Emotions and Emotional)
Thoughts Re-written 04/15/2007 (Emotions and Emotional)
Life's Questions 03/22/2006 (Thoughts)
Life's Dream 01/17/2006 (Love lost or ending)
A Tear Full Of Memories 10/18/2005 (Lost Memories)
Summer's End 09/13/2005 (Good-Byes)
What Will "home"
04/10/2005 (Emotions and Emotional)
Is It Good Or Bad Being Myself
04/03/2005 (Emotions and Emotional)
At Two In The Morning.. 03/29/2005 (Thoughts)
As Time Fades, So Does Hope 02/23/2005 (Loneliness)
Words Can't Describe How I
01/14/2005 (Emotions and Emotional)
Every Day Thoughts On Paper 01/12/2005 (Emotions and Emotional)
Am I Alone? 11/08/2004 (Love - questioning)
So Far Apart, Yet So Close 10/07/2004 (Love - distance)
It Always Hurts To Say Goodbye 08/28/2004 (Broken Relationships)
Why Can't You See How I Hurt? 07/26/2004 (Emotions and Emotional)
Alone 07/23/2004 (Heartbreak)
Confused 07/12/2004 (Feelings)
We've Been Here Before 07/04/2004 (Friendship Lost)
Trying To Let Go 06/28/2004 (Friendship Lost)
Is It Too Late? 06/10/2004 (Love - distance)
Thanks 05/30/2004 (Inspirational and Strength)
My Hardest Decision 05/02/2004 (Emotions and Emotional)
I Long For The Day 04/16/2004 (Love)
Is There A Way 04/02/2004 (Emotions and Emotional)
Are My Feelings Yours? 04/01/2004 (Love)
What Could Have Been 03/15/2004 (Friendship Lost)
Why Did You Leave 02/29/2004 (Love lost or ending)

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