Shiloh's Writings

Finding A Job 11/28/2001 (Life Lessons)
Go Call My Sons Together 09/01/2001 (Suicidal Thoughts)
The Photograph 08/26/2001 (Military Memories)
And Again, And Again 05/30/2001 (Depression)
Ican'tbelieveididit 05/16/2001 (Military and War - by vets)
You Walk Point, Steve, I'll
Take Tail End...
02/01/2001 (Death - tribute)
27 December 1967 11/06/2000 (Memories)
Thoughts At 3am... 09/22/2000 (Poetry and Poets)
From Miami To Fort Riley In
09/22/2000 (Life Journeys)

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