Shiloh's Writings

No Rest 12/31/2008 (Feelings)
Slow Down 12/13/2008 (Stress and Anxiety)
December '64 12/13/2008 (Military Memories)
The Hideaway 12/13/2008 (Lost Memories)
Mood Swings 12/11/2008 (Depression)
Today... 11/11/2008 (Holidays)
The Donut Dolly 10/28/2008 (Military Memories)
I Am Learning 10/19/2008 (Life Journeys)
Our Son's Wedding Day -
October 11th
10/10/2008 (Marriage)
Solitaire... 10/02/2008 (Time)
Take A Look Around 09/16/2008 (Memories)
A Breakdown Of Breaking Down 09/10/2008 (Pain - emotional)
The Piper Waits 08/26/2008 (Trust)
For The Moment 08/24/2008 (Reflective)
It Is... 08/19/2008 (Memories)
The Crazy Lady 08/07/2008 (Short Stories - non-fiction)
Life Is Essentially Just
Waiting For A Bus
08/06/2008 (Disappointment)
Questions 08/05/2008 (Inspirational and Strength)
Worries 07/25/2008 (Stress and Anxiety)
Our Son's Wedding Day - June
06/28/2008 (Marriage)
For Your Consideration 06/26/2008 (Life Lessons)
David 06/20/2008 (Friendship)
In Old Honolulu 06/17/2008 (Memories)
Amphetamines 06/11/2008 (Military and War - by vets)
Frances 06/11/2008 (Family)
One Day Three Years Ago 06/11/2008 (Stress and Anxiety)
The Sweater 06/01/2008 (Memories)
She Knows Me Well 05/26/2008 (Friendship)
Calling 797-2238 05/24/2008 (Love lost or ending)
The Old Man's Potty Time 05/19/2008 (Humorous)
Louisiana Road-kill Stew 05/18/2008 (Humorous)
Life 05/17/2008 (Life Journeys)
Chasing Memories 05/17/2008 (Memories)
Cinquain By Threes 05/17/2008 (Life Lessons)
Took My Breath Away 05/17/2008 (Love lost or ending)
My Nighttime Thousand Yard
05/14/2008 (Emotions and Emotional)
Mother's Day Dream 05/12/2008 (Dreams - sleep)
That Evening, Back In May 05/07/2008 (Love)
Back In '63 04/30/2008 (Life Lessons)
Love In The Form Of A Feline 04/29/2008 (Loneliness)
Moments Of Distress 04/22/2008 (Stress and Anxiety)
The Old Vet In The Wheelchair 04/21/2008 (Patriotism)
Feeling Out-of-sorts 04/21/2008 (Feelings)
To Seek The Summit 04/20/2008 (Reflective)
Just Some Chords To Keep Me
04/20/2008 (Moving On)
In The Clearing 04/10/2008 (Dreaming)
Sometimes 04/03/2008 (Friends)
My Friend... 03/27/2008 (Military and War)
A Man Of God 03/20/2008 (Religious and Religion)
Mom 03/18/2008 (Family)
Sound Advice 03/18/2008 (Humorous)
The Business Card 02/29/2008 (Humorous)
You Can't Go Yet 02/25/2008 (Sadness)
I Remember When 02/18/2008 (Memories)
Coaching Peewee Baseball 02/12/2008 (Life Lessons)
Happy Birthday 02/12/2008 (Suicidal Thoughts)
We Had A Shop... 02/11/2008 (Memories)
The Washstand 02/04/2008 (Reflective)
P O W - M I A Bracelet 01/03/2008 (Memories)
Too Many... 12/23/2007 (Military Memories)

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