Ben Franklin's Writings

A Day In The Life Of.. 08/29/2004 (Life Styles)
Sorry About The Mess 08/27/2004 (Life Styles)
Ward 18 08/26/2004 (People)
Your On In Five.... 08/26/2004 (Fear)
Mr. Blair 08/23/2004 (Political)
A Musician's World 08/23/2004 (Choices)
Singing With God Now 08/21/2004 (Death)
Tonights Main Headline 08/21/2004 (Change)
Victims Unite 08/21/2004 (Change)
Blood On Your Hands 08/15/2004 (Political)
My Biggest Tip... Her Love 08/10/2004 (Love)
Support 08/09/2004 (Life Styles)
I'm Gone 08/09/2004 (Abuse)
A Night Of Waste 08/06/2004 (Drugs and Alcohol)
Lazy So & So 08/06/2004 (People)
Give Me Wings 08/06/2004 (Anger)
Tunnel Vision 08/01/2004 (Statements)
For The First Ten Years 07/29/2004 (Moving On)
My Swing Park 07/28/2004 (Change)
Where Do We Go From Here? 07/24/2004 (Political)
She Is Still My Mum 07/21/2004 (Aging)
I Wont Be In School Today 07/19/2004 (Abuse)
You Of All People 07/18/2004 (Betrayal)
Where Granny Lives 07/13/2004 (Anger)
I Promised My Son 07/05/2004 (Life Styles)
Twice Over 07/02/2004 (Accidents)
Look At You Now 06/30/2004 (Abuse)
Concrete Bed 06/30/2004 (Loneliness)
Joseph 06/27/2004 (Tributes)
Me, I'm Just Like You 06/26/2004 (Life Styles)
Down By The Lake 06/25/2004 (Reminiscing)
Help 06/24/2004 (Addictions)
My First Day 06/24/2004 (Short Creative Writings)
Funny 06/20/2004 (People)
Facing My Diary 06/20/2004 (Hurt)
Light To Dark 06/18/2004 (Love)
The Rent Is Due 06/18/2004 (Life Styles)
A Good Day 06/16/2004 (Dreaming)
Toys 06/16/2004 (Abuse)
Farewell 06/16/2004 (Death - tribute)
Came Out Today 06/16/2004 (Rage)
Diamond 06/16/2004 (Change)
The Bright Lights Of London
06/13/2004 (Death)
Mr. Considerate 06/10/2004 (People)
Ready 06/08/2004 (Love)
Your Friendship I Cherish 06/08/2004 (Thankfulness)
Face Value 06/05/2004 (Abuse)
Time 06/05/2004 (Life Lessons)
Robin 06/05/2004 (Angels)
Know - Part 2 06/01/2004 (Love)
2nd Home 05/30/2004 (Places)
First Step 05/30/2004 (Change)
At The Jazz Cafe 05/29/2004 (Short Stories - poetic)
To Be In Love 05/29/2004 (Love - questioning)
Beautiful 05/29/2004 (Emotions and Emotional)
Get Out Of My Way 05/27/2004 (Addictions)
In Your Court 05/21/2004 (Choices)
9 Lifes 05/21/2004 (Animals)
Dear Soldier 05/21/2004 (War and 911)
Open Eyes 05/20/2004 (Thoughts)

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