Clive B Ringshall's Writings

Heart Vs Brain 11/28/2004 (Confusion)
Christmas Is Back In Me Again. 11/28/2004 (Holidays)
Another Delight 11/23/2004 (Love - passionate)
Time 11/21/2004 (Time)
A Friend 11/18/2004 (Friendship)
Let's Mend This Bridge 11/12/2004 (Friendship Lost)
Names On The Wall 11/11/2004 (Military and War)
Heart To Soul 11/11/2004 (Heart Touching)
Beginning To End 11/10/2004 (Good-Byes)
Memory's From Afar 11/05/2004 (Memories)
Life And Trust 11/05/2004 (Trust)
Effects Of War 11/04/2004 (War and 911)
Love Changes Everything 11/03/2004 (Love)
Close To You 10/29/2004 (Friendship)
A Phone Call 10/25/2004 (Missing Someone)
A Birthday Share 10/22/2004 (Special Occasions)
Angels In Training 10/18/2004 (Angels)
Missing Amy-louise 10/17/2004 (Missing Someone)
All Ages Young And Old 10/17/2004 (Nature)
My Conection 10/14/2004 (Short Creative Writings)
As I Sit Here Thinking 10/14/2004 (Memories)
Bell Of Love 10/09/2004 (Love)
Soap Box 10/06/2004 (Waiting)
Letís Make This A Better Place
For Our Children To Live In
10/06/2004 (Passions)
Side By Side 10/06/2004 (Dreams)
Everyday 10/04/2004 (Happiness)
Miles Apart - I Miss You 10/01/2004 (Missing Someone)
Young I'll Be Forever In Mind 09/29/2004 (Time)
Oh And Did I Say 09/28/2004 (Thankfulness)
Fall Is Now Coming 09/27/2004 (Time)
Again And Again 09/25/2004 (Thoughts)
Keeper Of Love 08/14/2004 (Love)
Amy - Louise 08/03/2004 (Memories)
Still Hope Within 07/30/2004 (Feelings)
Still In Love With You 07/06/2004 (Love)
Way Back When 07/04/2004 (Memories)
My Love For You 07/03/2004 (Love)
One Wish 07/02/2004 (Love - distance)
I Do 07/01/2004 (Feelings)
Softer The Touch 06/30/2004 (Love - waiting for)
Rain 06/29/2004 (Seasons)
Together We Stay 06/27/2004 (Life Journeys)
This Is A Friend 06/25/2004 (Friendship)
Friends With Wings. 06/24/2004 (Friendship)
A Love So Rare 06/23/2004 (Missing Someone)
With You In My Thoughts, 06/21/2004 (Love - passionate)
Love Found Me 06/15/2004 (Love)
Together We'll Be One 06/04/2004 (Marriage)
with You I Have Everything 05/28/2004 (Love)
Just You And Me 05/27/2004 (Life Journeys)
We Are Never Apart 05/21/2004 (Loss)
My Stroke 1990 05/19/2004 (Inspirational and Strength)
Challenged 05/18/2004 (Accidents)
Stories To Tell 05/17/2004 (Poetry and Poets)
Before Me 05/16/2004 (Love - passionate)
You See Me Through 05/16/2004 (Reflective)
You Feel Me Near 05/15/2004 (Missing Someone)
Together We Flow 05/14/2004 (Feelings)
Because Of You 05/13/2004 (Love - waiting for)
the Lover That's Mine 05/12/2004 (Love - passionate)

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