Eryemil's Writings

Master Of The Nightingales 03/12/2005 (Pain - emotional)
Living Hearts 01/21/2005 (Romantic - Romance)
Prisoner 01/13/2005 (Memories)
A Boy, A Dream, The Sun And
The Moon.
12/21/2004 (Life Lessons)
A Lover's Heart 12/19/2004 (Heartbreak)
Journey Into Sky-blue Eyes 12/19/2004 (Love)
Once Morning Comes, But Not
11/07/2004 (Hopelessness)
Dark Then Light, Then Dark
11/05/2004 (Pondering)
Lover Of Gods 10/13/2004 (Emotions and Emotional)
A World Inside My Heart 09/14/2004 (Love - just beginning)
There Is Nothing At All 09/07/2004 (Rage)
Letter To Love 09/05/2004 (Good-Byes)
Just Another Tragic Tale 07/21/2004 (Short Stories - poetic)
Je T'aime... 07/20/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Nuptial Of The Heart 07/20/2004 (Marriage)
Church Of The World 07/19/2004 (Religious and Religion)
Distant Lovers 06/08/2004 (Short Creative Writings)
Songbird's Reverie 06/08/2004 (Dreaming)
Devil's Lullaby 06/08/2004 (Dark Thoughts)
I Know You Don't 04/21/2004 (Love unrequited)
Artificial Eyes 04/21/2004 (Hopelessness)
My One True Love 04/20/2004 (Inspirational and Strength)
Elemental Love 04/19/2004 (Love unrequited)
Witness To A Faerytale 04/19/2004 (Fantasy)
Your Soul Is Mine 03/20/2004 (Rage)
Merciful Disillusion 03/20/2004 (Hurt)
Phantom Of The Opera 03/07/2004 (Romantic - Romance)
Dark Lady 03/05/2004 (Thoughts)
Lover's Rhyme 03/05/2004 (Romantic - Romance)
Just One More Night 03/05/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Lost In Pride 02/14/2004 (Reflective)
The Inverted Rhapsody 02/03/2004 (Uncategorised)
Forever Waiting 01/30/2004 (Love lost or ending)
The Darkness In Me 01/19/2004 (Dark Thoughts)
This Is How It Ends 01/18/2004 (Uncategorised)
Cry For Me 01/18/2004 (Yearning)
Allow Me To Love You 01/18/2004 (Love - forbidden)

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