Colin Stewart's Writings

As Old As Life Itself! 05/23/2010 (Humorous)
Laws Of The Jungle 05/23/2010 (Humorous)
Crawl Space 05/23/2010 (Crimes)
Annie's Soldier 05/23/2010 (Paranormal or Supernatural)
I Love My Baby! 05/23/2010 (Humorous)
What To Do If You Wake Up
Dead. Ten (easy) Steps!
05/19/2010 (Humorous)
The Final Convoy 05/19/2010 (Dark Thoughts)
The Intruder 05/18/2010 (Crimes)
(recorded) Confessions Of A
05/18/2010 (Paranormal or Supernatural)
Noah's Wife 05/16/2010 (Humorous)
Shadow Plan 05/16/2010 (Humorous)
Philosophical Blues 05/15/2010 (Humorous)
Trusted Advisor 05/15/2010 (Humorous)
How To Please A Woman In Ten
(easy) Steps!
05/11/2010 (Humorous)
I Wait And Worry (upon My
Arrival Into This World!)
05/11/2010 (Life Journeys)
Shadows In Severance 05/10/2010 (Breaking Up)
Bedside Letter 05/09/2010 (Crimes)
Family Gathering 05/09/2010 (Death)
Recipe For Attraction 05/09/2010 (Humorous)
Lighten Up Mister Poe 05/09/2010 (Humorous)
Why Certain Animals Shouldn't
04/13/2010 (Humorous)
Ghostly Constipation 04/11/2010 (Humorous)
She Still Wants More! 04/10/2010 (Humorous)
Desert Island Blues: A Diary 04/10/2010 (Hopelessness)
Gypsy Jack And Miss Anna Lee 04/09/2010 (Crimes)
Dubious Milestones Of The
Human Psyche
04/08/2010 (Humorous)
You ' Can ' Take It With You! 04/07/2010 (Humorous)
... But For Yesterday 04/05/2010 (Heart Touching)
Five Songs Which Will End The
World: 5 Poems
04/03/2010 (Change)
When Women Talk To Their Men:
5 Poems
03/31/2010 (Humorous)
History Lessons And Their
Origins: 5 Poems
03/27/2010 (Searching For Answers)
To Be Asleep Yet Come Awake: 5
03/21/2010 (Life Journeys)
Hide And Seek: 5 Poems 03/19/2010 (Life Journeys)
Questions With A 'w': 5 Poems 03/17/2010 (Questioning)
Profiles Of Sorrow And Regret:
5 Poems
03/14/2010 (Dark Thoughts)
The Beginning, The End And
Skip The Anchovies: 5 Poems
03/07/2010 (Dark Thoughts)
Love Can Leave A Permanent
Scar: 5 Poems
03/03/2010 (Love lost or ending)
The Mind Is A Fortress Against
An Emotional Siege: 5 Poems
03/02/2010 (Pain - inflicted)
Amelia, Adolf, The Knack, The
Edge And The Hunch: 5 Poems
03/01/2010 (Life Journeys)
Confusion And Subterfusion: 5
02/26/2010 (Confusion)
Of These Directions We Cannot
Be Sure: 5 Poems
02/21/2010 (Searching For Answers)
Passport Denied To The
Addlepated Mind: 5 Poems
02/18/2010 (Life Journeys)
The Consequences Of Love And
Hate: 5 Poems
02/16/2010 (Love - questioning)
In The Nature Of Your Very
Soul: 5 Poems
02/13/2010 (Self Searching)
More Questions Than Answers: 5
02/10/2010 (Questioning)
Warning Signs: 5 Poems 02/08/2010 (Life Lessons)
Human Pathology And A Camel
Too: 5 Poems
02/07/2010 (Life Journeys)
Four Devils And A Saint: 5
02/07/2010 (Dark Thoughts)
The Master Plan: 5 Poems 02/06/2010 (Questioning)
Poetry, Rabbits And The Three
Elements: 5 Poems
02/06/2010 (Statements)
What Lurks In The Minds Of
Men: 5 Poems
01/27/2010 (Life Lessons)
Naughty Bees And Occupied
Toilets: 5 Poems
01/27/2010 (Humorous)
Four Flowers And A Jerk: 5
01/16/2010 (Life Journeys)
A Life Often Lost But Seldom
Found: 5 Poems
01/13/2010 (Searching For Answers)
The Cylinders Of Imagination:
5 Poems
01/12/2010 (Fantasy - imagination)
The Eyes Which Conceal The
Darkness Within: 5 Poems
01/11/2010 (Fantasy - imagination)
Occupational Hazards: 5 Poems 01/09/2010 (Change)
Final Thoughts From The
Electric Chair: 5 Poems
01/08/2010 (Dark Thoughts)
Stranger Than Imagination: 5
01/05/2010 (Fantasy - imagination)
Two Words Which Make A
01/02/2010 (Change)

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