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Short Creative Writings
A Cheap Motel 06/01/2005  Vampyr Tears
A Child In Love 22/09/2010  tommyg
A Day At Camp 26/08/2010  Tarna
A Disabled Persons Point Of View 13/05/2007  Barbara Goodhew
Adventures In Camping 29/09/2010  Dreamer
Allegory Of The Fish Tank 04/04/2008  Mark Spencer
Computer Programmer 25/02/2011  tommyg
Demons In Fear 22/09/2010  tommyg
Distant Lovers 08/06/2004  Eryemil
Evening Of The Third 04/07/2007  Dreamer
Growth 08/05/2011  tommyg
Home Sweet Home 22/08/2006  Marilyn A F Longfellow
How To Fall In Love 25/02/2011  tommyg
Hurt 19/06/2006  RainFlyer8
Inside A Troubled Mind 25/04/2008  Mark Spencer
Jayla's Heartrending Journey 19/08/2011  Thia
Lines Of Perception 25/09/2009  Mark Spencer
Man On A Mission 25/02/2011  tommyg
March 31, 1972 10/03/2009  Shiloh
My Conection 14/10/2004  Clive B Ringshall
My Journey Of Life What I Have Learned 11/12/2009  LisaMarie
My Special Friend 04/07/2009  Helen Lewis
No Tomorrow 13/12/2001  Your Melody
Poetically Yours 02/12/2009  P K Padhy
Poignant Child 16/09/2002  Tanman
Portrait 22/01/2008  Kathryn Jaffe
Psychward Tale 23/09/2010  tommyg
Sermon 117: What Do You Know? 15/02/2012  Mark Spencer
The Day The Last Job In America Went To An Illegal Alien Parade 04/03/2005  Travis Ray Cole
The Funkiest Of Times 14/01/2010  Meridian Zuriel
The Shopping Cart (treatise) 06/05/2008  Mark Spencer
The Slasher 27/10/2002  Tiffany
The World Wide Conspiracy 25/02/2011  tommyg
To Thine Own Self Be True 31/07/2010  Dreamer
When The Nights Over 25/07/2004  Vampyr Tears
Why Can’t I Find My Soul Mate? 04/04/2008  Mark Spencer
Why Relationships Fail 11/04/2008  Mark Spencer
Years Forgotten 05/07/2003  Tricia
Short Stories - childrens
A Swim In The Puddle 30/08/2002  Dreamer
Apron Strings 03/04/2008  Dreamer
Beneath The Cottonwood Tree 21/05/2007  Dreamer
Beneath the Cottonwood Tree ( Big And Bad ) 03/04/2008  Dreamer
Beneath The Cottonwood Tree (spring Arrives) 02/04/2008  Dreamer
Gone Fishing 03/04/2008  Dreamer
The Little Fish 21/09/2005  Dreamer
Under The Cottonwood Tree - A Flying Start 16/05/2016  Dreamer
Short Stories - fantasy
Bringers Of Sorrow Chpt. 1 Part 2 31/08/2008  Ing Twi Demalah
Lady Seraya’s Last Stand 18/07/2004  Hawk Shadowharper
Tango To Evora 02/07/2004  Scorpio
The Bringers Of Sorrow Chpt. 1 - Screams In The Night - Part 1 05/07/2008  Ing Twi Demalah
The Ghost 26/07/2004  Scorpio
The Knight's Dragon 17/10/1998  Dreamer
The Knight's Dragon - Part 2 26/08/2003  Dreamer
The Seandra 10/04/2008  Dreamer
The Ugly King Chapter 1 - An Old Foe 11/03/2007  Ing Twi Demalah
The Ugly King Chapter 2 - A Matter Of Heart, Part 2 29/03/2007  Ing Twi Demalah
The Ugly King Chapter 2, Part 1- A Matter Of Heart 17/03/2007  Ing Twi Demalah
The Ugly King Chapter 3 Part 1 You'll Not See Nothing Like The Mighty Quinn 23/05/2008  Ing Twi Demalah
The Ugly King Chpt. 2 Part 2 09/05/2008  Ing Twi Demalah
The Ugly King Revised - Chpt. 1 An Old Foe 09/05/2008  Ing Twi Demalah
The Ugly King Revised Chpt. 2 A Matter Of Heart Part 1 09/05/2008  Ing Twi Demalah
Valley Of The Dreams* 28/01/1999  Dreamer
Working Title: Samson, Captain Of The Seas 09/10/2008  Miztrebor
Short Stories - fiction
Afterschool Activities 30/08/2002  Dreamer
Alley Nocturne 06/09/2002  Will Berry
Amanda's Window* 23/10/2000  Dreamer
An Important News Bulletin 26/02/2012  Udiah
An Introduction To Lena 19/01/2005  Richard H. Williams
Anthony Anguish 29/09/2002  Will Berry
Anywhere Else 24/04/2004  Buttney
Back To School 20/01/2005  Richard H. Williams
Beach-art Punk 25/01/2009  Puppet
Chapter 1 10/03/2009  Meridian Zuriel
Elevator Ride 04/01/2006  Dreamer
Full Service Bank 04/07/2002  Will Berry
Guilt Trip 19/08/2006  Cheryl
Homeward Bound 23/02/2009  Miztrebor
Lena And I 29/01/2005  Richard H. Williams
Liberated 08/04/2006  Clive B Ringshall
On That Night.... 06/12/2004  Vampyr Lost In Love
Our Survival 09/04/2008  Dreamer
Soul Lost From Home 11/05/2009  Miztrebor
The Burdens Of Genius 13/12/2004  15
The Crash 06/04/2008  Dreamer
The Fatman 07/06/2002  Will Berry
The Guy Who Didn't Get It 24/02/2011  tommyg
The Professor's Favorite Student 02/01/2005  Richard H. Williams
The Salmonella Club 24/11/2002  Will Berry
The Singles Dance 17/07/2003  Will Berry
The Story Without A Title 08/06/2011  Meridian Zuriel
This Isn't What I Wanted 27/07/2004  Vampyr Tears
Through His Eyes 05/01/2005  Vampyr Tears
Short Stories - horror
Fear Of The Unknown 23/09/2010  tommyg
Prologue 11/09/2004  Scorpio
Russian Roulette 23/09/2010  tommyg
Secret World 27/09/2010  tommyg
Serial Killer's Friend 23/09/2010  tommyg
The Ghost Of D'vielle Manor 28/08/2004  Scorpio
Short Stories - humorous
A Few Thoughts About Women And Their Bodies.... 30/03/2006  Marion Carroll
A Stand-up Comic At Goodwill 03/07/2002  Will Berry
Antiques Roadside Recycles 23/11/2002  Will Berry
Bipedalguy's Midnight Bike Ride 28/07/2008  Bipedalguy
Breathing Lesson 15/05/2004  Willahh
Distractions 27/03/2012  Dreamer
Reunion At Rushmore High 11/11/2002  Will Berry
The Death Of O' Brian 16/07/2008  Alexander Steen Stewart
The Leader Of The Tribe 23/05/2006  Bipedalguy
The Weirdest Kid That I Ever Knew 06/09/2002  Will Berry
Short Stories - non-fiction
A Lifetime Ago 17/11/2005  Tammy
A Night At The Park* 18/10/1999  Dreamer
Autumn Mountains* 05/11/1999  Dreamer
Crimson Lies 09/06/2005  Tammy
Dangerous Allergies 19/11/2004  Webster
Fit For Ducks 30/08/2003  Dreamer
Glenwood Farms 13/10/2008  Dreamer
Just Another Girl 22/12/2008  Lost_In_The_Music
Miner Madness 27/02/2012  Udiah
Natalia's Excellent Hearing 07/01/2007  Bipedalguy
No One Said Life Is Fair 12/12/2004  Webster
Peanuts In The Basement 09/04/2005  Silent Witness
The Death Bed : A Tale 09/09/2004  Anjali Thapa
The Letter--part 1 27/02/2007  Catyrose
Tumour Story 19/06/2009  Barbara Goodhew
Un-answered Prayers* 12/11/1998  Dreamer
Short Stories - poetic
Miles In An Old Man's Shoes 08/05/2011  tommyg
Short Stories -sci-fiction
Adventure At Cotton Cave 19/10/2002  Dreamer
An Old Fortune Teller And Her Son 11/05/2004  Willahh
Serpents In The Sky 23/06/2004  Dreamer
The 1,000,000th War 13/09/2002  Will Berry
Short Stories - westerns
Cowboy Curtis 24/02/2011  tommyg
Traveling Blues {part 1} 05/04/2009  Puppet
Children's Creative Writing
Samson Captain Of The Seas 04/04/2009  Miztrebor
1-2-3-4! W-d-w-y-f-w!! 15/05/2007  Shiloh
A Bittersweet Forever 18/01/2004  Your Melody
A Blink 10/06/2009  Luke Mudge
A Bus Ride 29/08/2008  Puppet
A New Beggining 19/01/2005  Christina L Pineda
All That My Heart Needs 15/04/2007  Luke Mudge
And I Was Whole 10/09/2007  L'Rathi
And Thus Ended My Dream 17/12/2004  Lost
Atonement -the Story Behind The Poem 14/01/2007  Dreamer
Beacon Of The Past 01/04/2007  Icytears
Beyond All Hope 25/02/2011  tommyg
Bridge 25/09/2012  Puppet
Bus Stop 14/10/2010  Christian V
Christmas 1914 26/12/2010  Mark Spencer
Dear Friend 25/03/2014  Taylor James
Discovering Myself 17/07/2005  Series100
Embers 23/05/2005  Scorpio
Empty Stomach 15/04/2007  Luke Mudge
Excuses 13/06/2011  Meridian Zuriel
Exorcism Of America 25/02/2011  tommyg
Friday The 13th 14/05/2005  Cookey
Friendly Fire 04/03/2010  Matheau Sieber
Hope Chest 31/01/2011  Dalene
How To Revive A Feather? 19/09/2008  Puppet
I Was Given A Second Chance 04/12/2009  LisaMarie
In Between Perfect Man 18/07/2009  LinzAy
Injured Bird 25/02/2011  tommyg
Into The Forest {part 1} 14/12/2009  Puppet
It's Nothing Serious! 08/04/2009  Miztrebor
Just Breathe 15/04/2007  Luke Mudge
Just Say No 21/01/2010  Meridian Zuriel
Liberty 02/06/2012  Udiah
Little Bighorn 07/03/2014  Puppet
Louisiana Road-kill Stew 19/05/2008  Shiloh
Melissa 15/04/2007  Luke Mudge
Memorys 30/09/2012  Heath A May
Murder In The Bath 05/02/2005  Dreamer
My Family 04/11/2007  Luke Mudge
Not So Happy Birthday 28/11/2004  Webster
One Day 22/08/2005  Kadhir
Overgrown 13/07/2009  Shaun
Quick Thoughts About August 15/04/2007  Luke Mudge
Silent Art 15/04/2007  Luke Mudge
Sister Tackett, Of Alexandria, Louisiana 31/10/2007  Shiloh
Sometime In January 1965 18/01/2015  Shiloh
Southwick Beach, Lake Ontario 14/07/2009  Luke Mudge
Summer Of 95 31/05/2008  Luke Mudge
Talk With The Spirit 31/01/2004  Dreamer
The Beach 03/01/2007  Jim
The Great Trust 16/06/2012  Shiloh
The Lighthouse 14/03/2009  Everett
The Motherless Daughter 19/09/2016  Tammy
The Sergeant 01/05/2009  Shiloh
The Summer Breeze Turns Cold 30/06/2006  Your Melody
The Trip Part I 08/08/2008  Puppet
They're Restless 17/02/2015  Shiloh
Time To Move On 15/04/2007  Luke Mudge
Tonight I Wanna Cry 15/04/2007  Luke Mudge
Up In Smoke 04/11/2004  Webster
Veterans Day Mess Hall 11/11/2015  Shiloh
Voice Of An Angel 28/07/2008  Bipedalguy
Weep - There Is No Other Option Now. 03/09/2016  Shiloh
What Was This Madness 24/10/2006  Phonicpodd
What Was. . . 07/03/2013  Luke Mudge
Wings 08/04/2013  Heath A May
Withering 15/04/2007  Luke Mudge
Without Title 02/07/2005  Series100

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