Mental's Writings

If I Looked To Deep 06/08/2021 (Infatuation)
The War We Both Fought 06/08/2021 (Memories)
Your Beauty Is Your Evidence 06/08/2021 (Fantasy)
I Don't Care 06/07/2021 (Moving On)
Drowning In Your Harmony 06/07/2021 (Fantasy)
Rung By Rung 06/07/2021 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
A Whisper With No Words 06/07/2021 (Fantasy - imagination)
Surrounded By Your Wakes 06/07/2021 (Fantasy)
A Strangers Song 06/07/2021 (Emotions and Emotional)
I Don't Mind 06/07/2021 (Moving On)
Your Exotic Pieces 05/23/2021 (Fantasy)
C.o.m.a 05/22/2021 (Confusion)
Antifreeze 05/22/2021 (Death)
The Sweet Dark Addiction 05/21/2021 (Depression)
Suicidal Dreams 05/21/2021 (Dreams)
Dark Absence 05/21/2021 (Dark Thoughts)
Perfect Askew 05/19/2021 (Romantic - Romance)
Emotional Plane 05/19/2021 (Pain - emotional)
I Want To Die Silently 05/19/2021 (Death)
My Heart Goes Into A Lapse 05/17/2021 (Fantasy)
Suicidal Fireflies 01/26/2021 (Death)
I'll Die Difretently 01/26/2021 (Dark Thoughts)
I'll Die Consciously 01/26/2021 (Dark Thoughts)
I'm Just The Student 01/12/2021 (Dark Thoughts)
Suicide Guide 01/01/2021 (Suicidal Thoughts)
Suicide Eyes 01/01/2021 (Death - longing for)
When I Look Into The Mirror 01/01/2021 (Thoughts)
Here Comes The Rain 01/01/2021 (Dark Thoughts)
A Reasoning Of Pain 01/01/2021 (Depression)
Don't Feed The Dark 12/19/2020 (Cutting)
What Does Okay Mean? 12/19/2020 (Dark Thoughts)
Midnight Snow 12/14/2020 (Dark Thoughts)
The Day Our Morning Dawned 12/12/2020 (Confusion)
A Hole In My Sleep 12/12/2020 (Confusion)
Red Fire 12/12/2020 (Breaking Up)
Suicide Bride 07/03/2020 (Breaking Up)
You Promised Me Well 07/03/2020 (Broken Relationships)
The Language Of The Eyes 07/03/2020 (Love)
Ticker Tape Rain 04/13/2020 (Pain - emotional)
I Promised Myself Some Pain 04/13/2020 (Dark Thoughts)
The Midnight Blanket 04/13/2020 (Dark Thoughts)
Streetlight Strolling 04/13/2020 (Drugs and Alcohol)
You Lead This Night 11/05/2019 (Death - tribute)
Keep Your Mystery 11/05/2019 (Fantasy)
The Lovers Cry 11/05/2019 (Broken Relationships)
The Pin Drop Inside Your Head 11/05/2019 (Depression)
The Serious Wind 11/05/2019 (Reminiscing)
Into Her Eyes 08/21/2019 (Thankfulness)
Lost City Of Paradise 07/19/2019 (Love - forbidden)
A Good Cold 07/19/2019 (Understanding)
Turned Me Inside Out 07/19/2019 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
The Moonlight Steps 07/11/2019 (Fantasy)
Sweet Lullaby 05/23/2019 (Emotions and Emotional)
A Mental Lock 04/16/2019 (Confusion)
Tear Drop Twosome 04/04/2019 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
A Second Dose Of You 04/04/2019 (Fantasy - imagination)
All My Reasonings Fled 04/04/2019 (Fantasy)
For You She Will Hold 04/04/2019 (Pondering)
The Damages Of Lust 03/14/2019 (Hurt)
Unwanted Tears 03/14/2019 (Emotions and Emotional)
Keeping Me Sane 03/14/2019 (Healing)
Moon Of Midnight 03/14/2019 (Dark Thoughts)
I Misplaced You In My Life 01/30/2019 (Regret)
The Twilight Sky 01/29/2019 (Love - just beginning)
The Darkened Ground Below 01/29/2019 (Dark Thoughts)
I Killed A Soul 01/29/2019 (Rage)
Fifty Is Nifty? 01/19/2019 (Life Journeys)
Do You Remember The Waning
01/19/2019 (Love lost or ending)
The Moonlight Was So Wet 01/19/2019 (Memories)
Your Comforting Darkness 12/30/2018 (Fantasy - imagination)
Don't Dream The Dark 12/30/2018 (Pain - emotional)
You Were Not 12/25/2018 (Holidays)
I Am Not Around, Without You 12/06/2018 (Infatuation)
I'll Hand You The Knife 11/29/2018 (Suicidal Thoughts)
When Your Seasons Change 11/29/2018 (Yearning)
Full Suicides 11/29/2018 (Pain - emotional)
Beautiful Rain 11/29/2018 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Break My Will In Two 11/29/2018 (Pain - emotional)
Secret Midnight Snare 11/29/2018 (Infatuation)
Your Tonight Is All I Got 11/01/2018 (Infatuation)
Blackhole Playground 10/31/2018 (Dark Thoughts)
Mental Garden 10/18/2018 (Pondering)
Curvy Smile 10/18/2018 (Memories)
Suicidal Protege 10/11/2018 (Suicidal Thoughts)
Friend Or Foe 10/11/2018 (Fantasy)
Abducted My Mind 09/14/2018 (Fantasy)
Human Crush 08/15/2018 (Fantasy - imagination)
Cold Afterthoughts 08/15/2018 (Change)
A Country Song 08/02/2018 (Things)
Cloud 08/01/2018 (Memories)
Cages That Are Round 08/01/2018 (Depression)
Juxtapose 08/01/2018 (Fantasy - imagination)
The Memories Are Worth The
07/19/2018 (Pain - emotional)
You Fell Asleep Before The
07/19/2018 (Fantasy - imagination)
I Take My Prozac 07/18/2018 (Confusion)
My Secret Silence 07/18/2018 (Things)
Makeshift God 07/18/2018 (Fantasy - imagination)
Emotional Puncture 05/24/2018 (Death)
Dissolved Emotions 05/10/2018 (Heartbreak)
Mental Flesh 05/10/2018 (Dark Thoughts)
A Certain Paradigm 04/26/2018 (Facing Reality)
Moment Of Time 04/18/2018 (Love - passionate)
Isolated Lust 04/05/2018 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
First Kiss Suicide 03/29/2018 (Reminiscing)
Was It Cold? 03/29/2018 (Reminiscing)
On Your Surface And Core 03/21/2018 (Romantic - Romance)
I Can Still Guide You 03/21/2018 (Inspirational and Strength)
Her Touch Soft 03/21/2018 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Stories Of Young Love Old 03/21/2018 (Reminiscing)
Inside I Was Crying 03/21/2018 (Heartbreak)
Outside I Was Watching 03/21/2018 (Heartbreak)
Obsoulete 03/15/2018 (Pondering)
If I Would Have Been In A
Diffrent Place
03/08/2018 (Broken Relationships)
Emotional Footprints 03/08/2018 (Feelings)
The Morning Was Gone 03/08/2018 (Fantasy - imagination)
You Created A Thirst 03/08/2018 (Reminiscing)
I Feel So Empty 03/02/2018 (Reminiscing)
Empty Mourners 03/02/2018 (Dark Thoughts)
Drops Of Eye Rain 03/02/2018 (Fantasy - imagination)
Your Native Tongue 03/01/2018 (Fantasy)
You Are Like Novocane 03/01/2018 (Fantasy)
Drowning Eyes 03/01/2018 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Empty Mourners 03/01/2018 (Love - forbidden)
Drops Of Eye Rain 02/22/2018 (Emotions and Emotional)
If You Want To Take Me Over 02/22/2018 (Friendship)
You Burned My Inner Appetite 02/22/2018 (Reminiscing)
Vulcan 12/20/2017 (Tributes)
Constant State Of Wonderlust 05/31/2017 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Suicidal Dreams 08/07/2014 (Suicidal Thoughts)
I Want To Embrace Your Soul,
07/30/2014 (Romantic - Romance)
Feeling Silent 04/10/2014 (Depression)
Empty Door Frame 04/03/2014 (Emotional Collapse)
The Rainbow Is Gone 01/17/2014 (Lost Memories)
The Moon Is My Sun 11/28/2013 (Death - longing for)
Twenty Six Years 11/21/2013 (Memories)
Nightfall Spell 08/22/2013 (Passions)
My Cross Country Nick Name 07/10/2013 (Confusion)
Every Night I Think Of You 06/22/2013 (Yearning)
Your Eyes That Followed 06/05/2013 (Love lost or ending)
The Soul Which Touches Soul 05/24/2013 (Emotions and Emotional)
I Have Such Darkness 05/16/2013 (Love - forbidden)
What Night Sky Am I Under? 05/16/2013 (Love lost or ending)
Is It Good To Regret 05/10/2013 (Regret)
This Is Unjust 05/02/2013 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
I Call Her Night 04/04/2013 (Fantasy)
Happy Was The Nightmare 04/04/2013 (Emotions and Emotional)
I Don't Want To Be Here 03/28/2013 (Pain - emotional)
Bullet Proof My Lust 03/27/2013 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Four Hours 03/14/2013 (Fantasy - imagination)
The Morning Comfort 03/07/2013 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
False Senses 01/26/2012 (Faith)
Mentally Blind 08/25/2011 (Confusion)
I Know What You Want 08/23/2011 (Rage)
Being Happy Is Overated 07/27/2011 (Depression)
Romantic Intuition 06/22/2011 (Dreams)
Twenty Two Years Ago 05/31/2011 (Missing Someone)
Satisfied At Three 05/25/2011 (Pain - emotional)
Uncertain Moods 04/20/2011 (Fear)
Poetic Lyrics 04/14/2011 (Tributes)
The Morning Prayers Of Love 02/22/2011 (Memories)
I Feel 02/08/2011 (Confusion)
Yuletide Suicide 12/15/2010 (Holidays)
Different Emotions 12/14/2010 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
My Defenses Fall Like Rain 12/08/2010 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Midnight Kill 12/07/2010 (Suicidal Thoughts)
I Don't Know Why I Cried 12/07/2010 (Dark Thoughts)
The Dark Is A Sunken Treasure 11/30/2010 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
I Don't Think Of Suicide 11/24/2010 (Dark Thoughts)
Diabetes 01/07/2009 (Weight (Weight Loss))
She Plays Well 01/07/2009 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Slowly Sleeping 01/07/2009 (Yearning)
The Night Was Cut In Half 01/07/2009 (Emotional Collapse)
Should I Fall 01/07/2009 (Emotions and Emotional)
Afterglow 01/07/2009 (Fantasy)
My Emotions Are Done 09/17/2008 (Memories)
Cimmeron Sun 09/17/2008 (Memories)
Emotional Liars 08/27/2008 (Betrayal)
Gone Before Dawn 08/27/2008 (Betrayal)
My Favorite Tears 07/24/2008 (Breaking Up)
Monumental Means 05/13/2008 (Dark Thoughts)
Confusing Intuition 05/06/2008 (Fantasy - imagination)
Sunshine Behind 02/13/2008 (Change)
Crumbs Of Emotion 11/22/2007 (Confusion)
Waiting On The Moonlight 11/22/2007 (Good-Byes)
That Night Full Of Futures 11/01/2007 (Betrayal)
Frozen Colors Of Love 11/01/2007 (Betrayal)
Sunshine Lost 10/18/2007 (Broken Relationships)
In A Fog 10/13/2007 (Illness and Health)
Winter Wind Defines 10/03/2007 (Dark Thoughts)
The Sunrise Was Hell 10/03/2007 (Confusion)
Learning To Die 10/02/2007 (Dark Thoughts)
Nightmare Voyage 08/21/2007 (Confusion)
How To Avoid Patient Falls 08/01/2007 (Humorous)
My Dad 06/20/2007 (Thoughts)
The Moonlight Was Not Dull 06/02/2007 (Confusion)
Tides Of Darkness 06/02/2007 (Anger)
Mom 05/13/2007 (Thoughts)
The Midnighters 05/13/2007 (Emotions and Emotional)
Misty Midnight 02/28/2007 (Heartbreak)
Ninteen Eighty Seven 02/28/2007 (Life Journeys)
Are You Alone When You're With
Your Clone?
02/22/2007 (Confusion)
Speed Of Darkness 02/15/2007 (Confusion)
I-10 My Golden Ribbon Road 02/08/2007 (Emotions and Emotional)
Hostile Fragments Of Pain 02/03/2007 (Confusion)
I Felt The Moonlight 01/25/2007 (Confusion)
It Was Dawn 01/20/2007 (Betrayal)
Ghostly Rumors 01/09/2007 (Emotions and Emotional)
Frozen Was The Night 01/04/2007 (Love - questioning)
Moonlight Runaway 12/28/2006 (Dreams)
Teenage Heaven 12/22/2006 (Life Journeys)
Intentions Of The Night 12/22/2006 (Depression)
It Was A Dark Night 12/14/2006 (Confusion)
Cold Moon Light 12/07/2006 (Confusion)
Stroll The Predawn Lust 12/01/2006 (Fantasy - imagination)
Four Leaf Clover 12/01/2006 (Fantasy)
Razor Blade Reunion 12/01/2006 (Depression)
Frozen Tin Roof Rattle 11/24/2006 (Depression)
Broken Within 11/09/2006 (Death - longing for)
Sunshine Slaughter 05/05/2005 (Dark Thoughts)
Smell The Cold 04/15/2005 (Facing Reality)
Sunset Gloom 04/14/2005 (Facing Reality)
Morning View 12/05/2004 (Betrayal)
If It's Not Emotional 11/21/2004 (Emotional Collapse)
Somewhere In The Darkness 11/13/2004 (Broken Relationships)
My Emotions Tripped And Fell 11/10/2004 (Confusion)
I Could See The Sunrise 09/01/2004 (Confusion)
Cascading Sweat 06/23/2004 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
It's Still The Same 06/20/2004 (Anger)
Temporary Fire 06/01/2004 (Betrayal)
Pulsting Intrusion 05/22/2004 (Confusion)
I Remember The Night / I
Remember The Sunrise
05/19/2004 (Love lost or ending)
Blood On Metal 05/18/2004 (Dark Thoughts)
Slit In My Wrist 05/12/2004 (Cutting)
The Tears Of Darkness 04/27/2004 (Pain - emotional)
Under The Moonless Midnight 04/27/2004 (Depression)
Overloaded Lover 11/21/2002 (Love)
That Night Was A Gift 11/21/2002 (Memories)
Strangers Try To Steal 10/24/2002 (Heartbreak)
Midnight Realities 08/28/2002 (Facing Reality)
Fire Brazen 06/05/2002 (Memories)
Final Desire 06/05/2002 (Love lost or ending)
Imitating Life 06/05/2002 (Change)
Looking So Overwhelmed 06/05/2002 (Broken Relationships)
Echos Refrain 06/01/2002 (Broken Relationships)
No Morning Smile 06/01/2002 (Confusion)
I Can Still Remember 06/01/2002 (Seasons)
Cold To Fire 06/01/2002 (Emotional Collapse)
The Reasons Were Petrified 06/01/2002 (Emotions and Emotional)
Watch The Flag Wave 12/26/2001 (Attack - 911)
So Whispery 10/04/2001 (Love - forbidden)
Shallow Line 06/05/2001 (Searching For Answers)
Pre Dawn Pretense 03/28/2001 (Memories)
Overplayed Sunrise 02/19/2001 (Love lost or ending)
Outrageous Fantasy 02/19/2001 (Pain - emotional)
Dark Fragrance 02/19/2001 (Pain - emotional)
Before Midnight 01/29/2001 (Love)
The Sound Of My Patience 01/24/2001 (Pain - emotional)
Closer Than My Life 09/27/2000 (Rage)
Midnight Coverings 08/28/2000 (Broken Relationships)
Objects Of Desires 08/28/2000 (Dreams)
Box Of Darkness 08/26/2000 (Dark Thoughts)
Funeral 08/26/2000 (Death)
Midnight Shift 08/26/2000 (Pain - emotional)
Emotional Kite 08/26/2000 (Pain - emotional)
Dark Mind Corners 08/06/2000 (Pain - emotional)
Black Death Diaries 08/06/2000 (Pain - emotional)
To Easily Take My Life 08/06/2000 (Suicidal Thoughts)
Emotion Of The Moment 08/01/2000 (Dark Thoughts)
Crying Room 07/31/2000 (Friendship)
Until Midnight 07/31/2000 (Feelings)
Suicide Notes 07/31/2000 (Suicidal Thoughts)
Honey Rain 06/22/2000 (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
Too Much Time To Reason 05/05/2000 (Dreaming)
Broken Track 05/05/2000 (Breaking Up)
Frosty Windows 03/13/2000 (Facing Reality)
First Flicker 12/21/1999 (Memories)
Redeemed 12/21/1999 (Betrayal)
Second Chance To Explore 11/01/1999 (Broken Relationships)
Mental Race 11/01/1999 (Reminiscing)
Mental Tone 08/23/1999 (Emotional Collapse)
When I See A Rainbow 08/20/1999 (Pondering)

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