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updated: July 2021

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Dreamer's Poems

* new this month         * denotes short stories

New Tomorrows * Serene Afternoon
The Dark Room Untruths
Striving For Perfection Spring Upon Us
To Be A Friend The Lie
Eaten Alive Spirit Flow
Free Me Un-masked
The Party's Over Lavender Dreams
Sometimes The Pain Returns Blue
Personal Time Retrograde
Intimate Strangers Unfolding Melancholy
My Darkness Fits Of Nature
The Thief Bites Of A Dragon
Who Are We A Day Of Life
Another Day Technological Failings
Test From Afar Inspiration
My Nothing Heart Touches
Something Amiss No More Dragons
Why I Stand Offended
Youth, Not For The Young Evil's Power
When Greed Set In Perspective
Serenity Trees Included
Always Near Under The Cottonwood Tree - A Flying Start *
Circumstance Of Before Contemplative Time
Moments Weekend Relaxation
Nights Solace Blessed Divergence
Mean People The Wonder Of It All
Noticing A Spring Day Meditations
Waiting In The Rain Day Of Doubt
We're All In This Together Autumn Leaves
Retesting The Waters I Used To Dream
Step Up Way To Go
Portrait Values In Paralysis
No More Rose Colored Glasses Old Ghosts Revisited
Meditations The King
Political Posturing Where The Hummingbird Flies
When The Darkness Comes Dreams Future And Past
Who I Am If I Die Tonight
Winter Ballet The Little Grey Squirrel
Quitting Christmas She's Missing
A Moment For Me The Dream Fades
I Can't Change You Who You Are
Late Summer Clarity No Exceptions
Changing Tides Governmental Notice
Mother's Tears A Hot Summer Day
The Obamanation Darkness Invading ( Blue Flu)
Re - Aquaintence Time To Grow
Distractions * Taking Time
I Am Thoughts On Love
Silent Tears Climbing Mountains
Unknown Tomorrows Fury
The Haunting Dragons Dragonfly
Pain A Long Time Ago
My Inspiration Music
Fluidity Lost Holiday
The Bleeding Continues Together
The 10 Rules To Live By Springtime
Crossroads News Of The World
The Last Bard Picture Perfect
Adventures In Camping * The Place I Never Was
To Thine Own Self Be True * What It Never Was
Sometimes He Sends An Angel Individuality
Differences I Feel
I Feel ( 2 ) Existence
Live Conformity
Brother Death He Is Risen
When The End Comes Winter White
Tunes The Tears I Cry
The Silence Life Flow
Revisited Past Paths
Response Here I Am
Old Friends No Recovery
A Different View Reminded
Stepping Back In In A Moment
An End My Own Test
Yesterday And Today Footprints Of Our Lives
Worst In Me Small Things
The Artist Triggers Of Insanity
A Look In The Mirror Needs
Walking Among Us Then And Now
Nothing Left But Tough Love Making It Through
Recession Depression Our Love
Mission Control Momentary Memories
Inauguration Day Do Nothing Time
Percieved Saying Good-bye
The Avatarian Inner Child
Glenwood Farms * Contemplating A Moment
Rooms Of Truth Amy
The End Of The Rainbow Doubting Me
I'm A Bitch Dealing With Demons
Running Through Rainbows Rapping With Blake
Another Time And Place A Call From The Past
Murder Same
A Friendship Toast Underneath
A Single Rose Secrets
Mindful Travel New Day
Facing Mortality Needs Met
Visitors Home Early Morning Earthquake
Old Days The Seandra *
Our Survival * The Crash *
Beneath the Cottonwood Tree ( Big And Bad ) * Apron Strings *
Gone Fishing * Don't Kill The Messenger
Seandra Song Portrait Of Paradox
Beneath The Cottonwood Tree (spring Arrives) * Diary Reflection
Bolstering Beauty Life's Hidden Treasures
A Place I Go Thru A Child's Eyes
Better Tomorrows Assonant Lives
A Poem Feeling Purple
Contemplation of Self Lead Or Follow
For The Sake Of Rhyme Date With The Sandman
A Special Friendship A Tranquil Morning
Sitting Alone After War
Evening Of The Third * An Intimate Moment
Who I Am Grrr
Tomorrow Is Another Day The Have's Of The Have Nots
Beneath The Cottonwood Tree * Everyone Is Lonely
Moments Together Comatose
Changing Seasons Point A To B
Pressure Cooker Day Of Disappointment
Eight Days Tattered Remnants
Spring Showers It's Spring
Points Of View Comings And Goings
Faded Moonlight Passing Moments
Work - A - Day Stress Atonement -the Story Behind The Poem *
Holy Night Rejoice
Autumn Inspirations Another Year Older
The Welcome Home Little Dots
Mindless Mutterings Don't Miss Missing You
Old Fashioned Man The Dragon Reborn
Time For Change Soliloquy
A Day To Celebrate When The Clock Strikes
Be It True Weasel Ball
Remembered The Likelihood
Actress Prodigal Daughter
Freedom Of Speech Closed Doors
Loner Soft
Beneath The Surface Call Of The Wild
Creatures Of The Night Who Shook Up The World
Behind The Eyes I Write You A Poem
Elevator Ride * The Chosen Path
What We Take For Granted Fuzzy Friends
Thanksgiving Tradition Mellower Times
Heavy Metal Memories Autumn Arrives
Darkness Beckons The Little Fish *
When The Wind Blows My Day
No Song Of His Own Weaving A World
World Of Make Believe Skin Deep
Sitting Amongst The Family Spring Morning
All In A Day's Work Man Of Substance
Irreplaceable Heart Thoughtless Dis-consideration
River On My Wall One Tear Falls
Wonderment Of Life Grieve
Sitting In Silence Murder In The Bath *
Boredom Sets In Mansions Of Glory
Peering Into The Depths The Silent Void
Waiting At Home Word Play
I Walk With You Still Here
Wrapped So Tight Around You The Water Beckons
Beauty Lost Angst
I Wanted A Puppy The Old Dead Tree
He Was Loved Everything
A Guiding Light Ramblings
A Day With Friends No Difference
Just One In A Million Moonlight Dance
Collage Of Dreams The Great Grassshopper Hunter
Fields Of Misconception Sunrise Over The Cotton Field
Illusion Of A Dream Only Now
Cleaning Up Just Take This
Serpents In The Sky * Pharaoh's Dream
Prisoner Of Words The Silence
As Generations Pass Tell Me Why
Mockingbird Home
Sleep -tanka- I Rest
The Arrival Home Smokescreen
Your Release One More Week
Time Arrives Home Coming
Talk With The Spirit * Heaven And Hell
River Of Words Rest
A Wonderful Life Blame The President
So Honored Weaving Webs
Clutter Today And Yesterday
Iridescent Dreams Building
To Touch A Dream Beneath The Surface
Unknown Soldier Care For Change
Coming Of Night Fit For Ducks *
Unseen The Knight's Dragon - Part 2 *
Atlantic Shore The Wilderness
By Choice Alone
Political Malaise The Tears Fall
Touched Courageous Steps
I Hunger Think Of You
Natural Touch Technically Sound
Macabre Dance A New Day
Squeezed Parallel Times
A Soldier's Wife The Oil Fields Burn
Chained To My Phone The Darkness Of Poets
Precautionary Medicine My Cellphone Rang
Snow Days It Finally Sinks In
Tonight Exasperation
I Want To Remember Hate
Your Life To Know Fear
Love Comes Around In Another Child's Eyes
Jumping Rainbows My Pride In You
The Call To Duty Insomnium
Wretched Silence Sing On
The Flock Good Bye Grandpa
Narcissis Adventure At Cotton Cave *
Working Too Hard To Be Young Who Am I
To Live Tragic Hand
Life's Leash Day In, Day Out
Voyeur Eclipsed Dream
Encrypted Memories Afterschool Activities *
A Swim In The Puddle * Insanity's Clown
Black And White Bragging Rights
Little Secrets In The Shadows
Sweet Release Night Prayer
A Waking Poet Insomnia
Heart Melodies Ghosts
The Shadow Demons Epitaphs
Upward Climb Keeper Of His Time
Tornado Twists Endless Parade Of Facade
Where Did It Go? The River And The Cloud
On Deck I Long For You
To Sleep Such Is Life
The World Of I Ah, Sweet Child
Lack Of Compassion River Solitude
Ship Of Dreams Counting Pennies
Trees -concrete- As He Sleeps
As She Grows Brighter Days
Time Passes Fear
From The Dust Night Out
Needles And Pins Thankful
The Growing Years Push Away
Aging Happiness
As Rose Petals Fall Simpler Times
It Ends Here I Watch
Mood Swing Uncomfortable Position
A Dog's Day Gravestones
Us Fragile Rose
Shelter Me Witch Hunt
The Edge What Do You Want From Me
Circle Of Mortality Silence Of The Night
The Ghosts Still Haunt Meantime
My Dad That Kind Of Day
Another Time, Another Place Virtual Love
To Me You Are Thank-you Mom
Mother's Love Your Day
His Nightmare Ends Spring's Reach
Through The Years False Accusations
Sliding Up Where Fear Resides
Spring Tranquillity Mother To Mother
Your Lonely Place To Exist
My Love For You Shadows Of Our Imperfection
Woo-ed By A Poet A City Block
A Touch Of Winter Heavy Set
Winter White Alone With My Holiday Tears
How Many Holiday Spirit
Alone In The Dark Life's Path
A Muse Democracy's Shame
The Killing Machine True Love's Eyes
Watercolour Rain Where Do We Meet
Amanda's Window* * Glimpse Of Home*
Tests Of Time Forgive The Dragon
Sand Castles In The Rain Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
The Darkness When Worlds Meet
Remnant's Of The Past A Star's Last Good-bye
Defining Moments The Heart Cries
When It Hurts Glacier
Crystalline Mountains Some Dreams
Archives Of The Heart The Fourth Of July
Independence Day I Cry Your Tears
A Night At The Lake Hero's Journey
Passions The Pain Of Your Denial
Damn The Dragons My Old Best Friend
The Buffalo Skinners A Late Night Swim
Two Hearts Cry Betrayal Of Trust
The Tide My Only Regret
Memory Of Your Kiss Words Like Venom
Ticking Of Dreams Stolen Moments
Funeral Listening For Answers
A Rock And A Hard Place Un-wanted Child
As Time Draws Near As I Look At You
Innocent Guilt The Voice Of Love
Looking Back Ice Princess
Full Circle The Victim - Pedophile
Perspective Heart's Truth
Another's Eyes When I Think Of You
A Day Of Life Just Sometimes
I Close My Eyes Love, Lust And Greed
Changes The Echoes
A Single Voice Your Fear... My Time
Songs Of Angels Autumn Mountains* *
Defecation Of The Norm The Rain Fell
Quiet Pain The Pain Still Real
Cool, The Night Air A Night At The Park* *
Silence Of Our Hearts Waiting
Gift's Of The Poet Autumn Night
Defending Yesterdays Shadows Of The Dark
The Believer In Me Pawns
Pizza Night What Is That
The Know-it-all The Healing Hand's Of Friendship
Reality Strikes Fable Of Love's Tree
A Dreamer's Creed View From The Hill
I The Castle All That I Am
The Mission My Friend
Likeness Impending Darkness
Gift Of Sight Forever Love
Rising Star The Diary
Ageless Dreamer* Valley Of The Dreams* *
Alone Yet Together What We Seek To Forget
Lover's Words My Love
Reality's Children Un-answered Prayers* *
Curtain Calls Society's Children
The Realm Of Impossibilities The Knight's Dragon *
Tortures Of Your Heart I Fault You Not
Over Taken Shrouds Of Darkness
Shattered Glass Scarred Hearts
A Cry In The Night Voices In The Stars
Our Hearts Touched Stolen Passion
Of Roses And Rainbows The Movie*
In Memory Of A Yellow Rose Sunshine And Cobwebs
The Christmas Gift Just Another Bad Turn
Just Some Pondering My Heart In Pain
I Still Love Her Poundings
Starring At The Moon Hey, Little Sister
His Keeper Tough Girls
I Don't Want To Fight Anymore Dream - A Noun
Can't Let Go My Best Friend
As Destiny Surrounds Us Starring At The Moon


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